Care after Vulva Surgery

After labia surgery, please avoid exercise or excessive pelvic/leg movement especially for the first 48 - 72 hours. This will allow healing and good approximation of the skin edges. (Take it easy, lie in bed for a few days, watch TV or read a book)

You may experience discomfort, swelling, bruising, spotting or light bleeding during the first week.

There may be burning when urinating. This is common. Having a gentle shower after urinating may be helpful, or apply the antibiotic ointment beforehand to prevent urine irritation.

After a bowel movement, have a gentle shower to wash the area.

Your help in keeping the area clean will allow good healing, prevent scaring and infection.

Things to do:

  1. Day 1: Ice packs every 30 minutes for 15 minutes at a time, during the first 6 hours. This can decrease the immediate swelling that usually occurs. Do not apply the ice directly onto the skin; rather wrap a tea towel around the ice. We don’t want to freeze the skin, only cool it!
  2. Sitz baths(shallow bath) with Epson salts, two to three times per day. Never scrub the area, just sit in a shallow bath and splash the area with water. Do not pull your thighs or labia apart. This will disrupt the sutures and cause scarring.
  3. Apply the antibiotic ointment after the sitz baths three times per day.
  4. Please use the prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection.
  5. For the first few days, try avoid underwear or pads. Once the skin edges have started to heal together, wear a loose pad if needed with loose underwear.
  6. No intercourse, Jacuzzi’s, leg or pelvic exercises or tampon use until healed.

If you have bleeding, pain or a fever, please come in or call us 416-484-8383 or email after hours.

If after hours or if we are not available, please proceed to the nearest emergency room.