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Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update


During COVID, we are open and are set up to help alleviate limited hospital based resources.

Meridia Medical is a CPSO licensed OHP, providing Gynecology surgical services such as:
Hysteroscopy (diagnostic, resection of polyps, fibroids, septum, chronic RPOC and endometrial
ablations); D&C’s for miscarriages, RPOC and postmenopausal bleeding, abnormal
bleeding/endometrial appearance, etc.
We have 3 fully equipped Colposcopy suites including CO2 LASER, LEEPs and Cones, and onsite
immediate Ultrasound in the exam/procedure rooms.

We continue to see all patients, and are triaging via virtual consultations. Once we receive a
referral, patient histories are submitted online, virtual previsit consultations are done to
minimize clinic time and exposure for both staff and patients. In the clinic, PPE is used, physical
separation and patient screening is conducted, as per guidelines. We are rigorous about
sanitizing every surface and chair etc. after each single use.
As always, but especially relevant during COVID, we provide consultation, diagnostic ultrasound
and treatment concomitantly where possible, to avoid unnecessary patient trips and exposure.

During COVID we will especially see patients onsite for:
• Heavy/abnormal PV bleeding, Postmenopausal bleeding etc.
• High Grade cervical dysplasia
• Vulva Colposcopy for concerning lesions.
• Miscarriages: Incomplete, Missed abortions and RPOC etc.
• Worrying concerns/lesions that cannot be diagnosed nor managed virtually.

Please contact me directly with any questions or concerns or to expedite care: Fax: 416 481-4963
Best wishes
Dr David Gerber MD FRSC MHSc.
Meridia Medical
501-1881 Yonge Street, Toronto