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Vestibuldonyia: Vaginal Pain During Insertion


If you’re having vaginal pain that prevents you from having sex or tampon insertion, you’re not alone. This affects about 20% of women and it’s crazy how often many physicians don’t recognize it. Which is why it’s important for women to understand the causes and proper steps to take when you have pain during insertion.

What not to do:

Don’t think it is in your mind or due to poor sexual technique.
Don’t think that you have done anything wrong, it just happens.
Don’t believe physicians that tell you to have more sex or that there is nothing wrong.

What’s causing it?

More often than not, the pain during sex can be narrowed down to two common diagnoses; a narrow entrance/ vestibule or Vestibulodynia. Although there are other alternative diagnoses, such as vaginismus or vaginal muscle spasm, they are rare and it is quite unlikely you have it.

How to tell the difference?

Putting it simply, if you have pain only when inserting something larger, but none when you insert a small tampon or finger, then your vaginal entrance/Vestibule may be too small. If however, any touching of the area, especially the back part of the entrance towards the anus side, you likely have Vestibulodynia. Try this simple 3 step self examination:

Performing A Vestibulodynia Self Examination:

Step 1:
Begin by putting your finger into your vagina only as far as your second knuckle.

Step 2:
Push on the back part of the entrance just before the hymen.
(Don’t be scared, no harm will come to you.)

Step 3:
If you feel tender or pain in a u-shaped area on the back part on the vaginal entrance, you likely have vestibulodynia.


See a Gynecologist or your Family Doctor because you need local treatment to the vestibule.

It can take many months to feel better so it’s best to go sooner rather than later. Treatment can be simple and at Meridia Medical, we’ve developed a combination ointment that has proven to be very helpful for those who suffer from Vestibulodynia. We’ll make sure to help you through every step and get you the treatment you need.  Again, do not believe physicians that tell you to have more sex or that there is nothing wrong. Repeated attempts at sexual vaginal penetration will not make it better, you will feel worse, lose confidence and avoid sex

Dr David Gerber, MD, MHSc, FRCS(C)

Dr David Gerber, MD, MHSc, FRCS(C), has been a gynecologist since 1997. He trained in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He is an expert in minimally invasive clinic based surgery, procedures for fibroids, heavy vaginal bleeding, vulva disease and precancerous lesions of the vulva, vagina and cervix (abnormal pap tests), he has developed a successful micro-surgical technique for labia reduction surgery, and has become a resource for this condition.

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